Barfield Home Inspections and Pest Control, LLC

James R. Barfield
2110 Texas Ave Bridge City, Texas License Number #4935

Barfield Home Inspections & Pest Control, PLLC realizes that the purchase of a home is probably the largest and most exciting investment you will ever make. It is difficult to remove any emotional attachment you may have for a home due to its location, style, setting, etc. A home inspection will help you learn as much as you can about the property you are considering buying in an effort to help you make a more informed decision as a buyer.

Our philosophy at Barfield Home Inspections & Pest Control, PLLC is to inspect each home with the utmost care, to be thorough, and to explain our findings clearly to each client. James Barfield is a licensed home inspector.

Whether you need a pre-purchase, pre-list, or general home inspection, a Barfield Home Inspections & Pest Control, PLLC inspector is available to discuss how our services can meet your needs. Our impartial and experienced inspector can help you make an educated real estate investment. We will discuss with you the top 10 defects found in most homes

All inspections from Barfield Home Inspections & Pest Control, PLLC evaluate all interior and exterior components and systems including the roof, basement, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, structure, electrical, and the lot.


James & Cheryl

Barfield is a family owned business that has been in operation for 20 years. James (Rusty) Barfield and his brother Randy lead the way in home inspection and termite inspection in the state of Texas. They are proud to provide top of the line assistance to their clients.

We’re the respected and trusted name in the industry due to our experience and valued customer service. We listen to your concerns and follow through, allowing peace of mind for our clients.

James (Rusty) Barfield is always thorough and enjoys taking the time to inspect the home with the client, to answer questions, and to give advice about repairs. Mr. Barfield is a field-experienced inspector and follows national standards as well as those of the State of Texas.