Prorite Home Inspection Service

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ProRite Home Inspection Services has over 75 years of building experience, in every major construction discipline.  We are Florida State certified, licensed and member in good standing with Florida Association of building Inspectors (FABI), and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Your home inspector is not unlike your family physician – we’re thoroughly trained in the disciplines that protect your home’s health, and guard it from adversity.  We help you grasp the simplicity of your home’s otherwise complicated systems.  We give you peace of mind, and help you understand your home’s requirements and resources.  So, consider a home inspection a valued investment in your home’s financial future as well as your own peace mind.


There are specific areas inside and outside the home that the inspector needs access, to complete a home inspection. These areas should be cleared from obstructions prior to the inspector’s arrival:

  1. Air Conditioner/Furnace, (and) exterior AC Condenser unit;
  2. Electrical distribution panels;
  3. Water Heater
  4. Kitchen plumbing and disposal; Bathroom plumbing under sinks;
  5. Attic access inside all areas of home and garage; crawlspace access on all interior/exterior points.



ProRite® gives a Free 90-Day Warranty that covers $500 repair/replacement of appliances (stove, dishwasher, microwave, furnace, air conditioner, water heater); and covers $2000 on structure and foundation.


ProRite offers with each full home inspection free thermal imaging of the entire structure, oftentimes finding hidden catastrophic anomalies.  This money-saving exam will put you in full charge of your home-buying experience!