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Why are home inspections so important?

  • A home purchase is one of the largest investments you will ever make so you want to protect your investment by having a certified home inspector examine the property you are buying.
  • Certified home inspectors have a very thorough & methodical set of inspection steps and we use the newest specialized software designed specifically for the inspection industry.
  • It is important to see the big picture because it’s very easy to be blinded by excitement. As a result issues that can make that dream home a nightmare may be missed!
  • The use of family or friends with construction experience won’t give you that added level of process and experience that you will get using a certified home inspector.

Why our inspections are the best!

Our balanced approach to your home inspection is right in the middle of using the newest technology while applying traditional friendly customer service.  We will provide you with a thorough home inspection while keeping the length of your report manageable.  We are confident you will appreciate our ability to find what is important to know about your new home before making such an investment!


EVERY roof will be inspected by us because we are not limited by dangerous roof access like most other inspectors. We use high quality drones for the job.​

Easy to Read Reports

You will love reading our reports. They are very detailed yet easy to read with lots of pictures and videos. They will be sent to you by email shortly after your inspection is finished​