At Ease Home Inspection Services LLC

Eric Smith
Navarre, Florida License Number Florida LIC# HI10614
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At-Ease Home Inspection Services LLC is a local family owned, full service, home inspection company that focuses on providing the most accurate facts on your property of interest.  Whether this is your potential dream home, current residence with an expiring  home warranty, an investment property, or a house you are putting on the market, we are dedicated to providing you with the most informative and comprehensive inspections based on your requirements.  


The Smith family believes in treating people how we want to be treated and strive to practice this in all aspects of our lives.

We decided to start At-Ease Home Inspection services business because in our careers, we saw so many home owners suffer with homes that were not safe, not code compliant or had issues that could have been fixed within a warranty period with no cost to the home owner. We wanted to help people become more educated on their homes or perspective homes.  

Our family is dedicated to the community by being active in our church, community programs, and the local sports association.  

We look forward to working with you.