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Sabedo Argueta
New Brunswick, New Jersey License Number
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Using 15 Years of Construction Experience to Help Home Buyers Directly

TUFF Home Inspections, Inc. is owned and operated by New Jersey licensed home inspector Sabedo Argueta. Sabedo’s decision to pursue a career in home inspection came after a BS degree from Rutgers University and over 15 years of construction experience. His broad work in the construction industry includes insulation, electricity, plumbing, HVAC, sheetrock, and framing. Sabedo also speaks Spanish fluently.

By becoming a home inspector, Sabedo could help home buyers directly by using his in-depth knowledge of each home system, how it works, and how it can be repaired or improved upon. First-time home buyers who wish to learn as much as possible about each individual system in their future home should look no further.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

An entrepreneur at heart, Sabedo was immediately attracted to the independence and freedom that came along with a career in home inspection. He finds enjoyment in his ability to work outside, be moving around, and getting to help so many different people every day learn more about their future homes. He saw a need in the industry for fluent Spanish-speaking inspectors and knew that he could be helpful to his community. Along with his career, Sabedo is passionate about the work he has done with Rutgers University and community members of New Brunswick to begin developing an urban farm. He also builds farm infrastructure for the area’s local farmers.