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Eric Munhall
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We are committed in providing thorough inspections for your new home, family home or even just a reevaluation of your current foundation. The quality of your home inspection experience depends heavily on the individual effort and character of your inspector. We will only send on time, every time InterNACHI Certified inspectors with a minimum ten years experience. With pre-set appointments, we will email a photo of your inspector in advance so you'll know exactly who will be working with you. 

Upon finishing, you will receive the most detailed synopsis Southern California has to offer with written reports that are digitized and fully documented with dozens of color photographs. 

These inspection reports will include the conditions of the Roofs, Gutters, Attics, Crawl Spaces, Exterior Surfaces, Foundations, Basements, HVAC Systems, Water Heaters, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Fixtures, Electrical Panels. Fireplaces, Stairways, Outlets, Light Fixtures, Drainage, Decks, Patios, Walkways, Garages, Garage Doors, Windows, Doors, Water Manifolds. Water Pressure, Spigots and Pools. A follow-up re-inspection is available to determine whether repairs have been properly completed. 




Very knowledgeable inspectors.  This is the 3rd home I've purchased.  I also have a strong electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic background but homes and California building code is way outside of my expertise.  I was able to follow Eric around and he explained what he was looking for and his findings as we went through the home.  We met up with the other inspector and he pointed out his relevant findings.  I recapped what items were flagged and asked which ones they thought I should have done and which ones I should opt to do myself.  They were very knowledgeable about current verses former codes and freely shared their expertise.  Thank you very much for slowing down and answering all of my questions.


Eric is a FIRST CLASS and TOP NOTCH inspector. He is like my "SWAT TEAM" who I call when I need a thorough inspection especially when I suspect some safety issues that need to be looked at more closely. God knows how many of my clients he has saved from fires, faulty workmanship and headaches because he just goes through the property like a fine toothed comb and we could address those things before we move them in. His customer service is exemplary and he is someone you can trust as one who looks out for your best interest.



We hired Eric to do an inspection of our new house and were really glad we did. Eric was very flexible with his schedule, which I really appreciated since we were trying to find a time good for both realtors, the seller (and of course ourselves). He was very knowledgeable with his background in construction and answered all of our questions. The report he sent over a few days later was very helpful in addressing the code violations, etc. He and his partner used state-of the-art tools, including a drone for the tile roof. His rate has very reasonable and he didn't charge extra for the type of foundation that we had (which one of his competitors we looked into did).