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Dale Robertson
Garland, Texas License Number #00287
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Inspecting Homes Since 1980

Homebuyer’s Inspection Service is owned and operated by Dale Robertson. Dale has been working as a home inspector since 1980 and uses his 38 years of experience to help homebuyers make well-informed investments. After being exposed to the home inspection industry by a friend in real estate, Dale saw a hole in the industry that he knew he was more than qualified to fill. His attention to detail, background in all building trades, and knowledge about all aspects of a home made him an excellent inspector from the beginning.

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We've used him twice in the last month; he's been so thorough. We appreciate that. 
- C.F., June 2018

Appreciate Dale's knowledge and tenure of inspecting properties and his ability to convey his findings to buyers. Dale is my number one go-to inspector!
- K.C., August 2017

Very professional and thorough inspection. Dale was friendly and very good at his job. I would gladly recommend him to anyone purchasing a home. 
- N.C., August 2017