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When It Means The Most

Every family has a different path to ownership, and for some, it can be a long and difficult journey. But no matter how steep the climb, a sensible homebuyer has to make sure that the end result is as close as possible to what they had in mind. At VA Inspect LLC, we understand what owning a home means to a family-and we know just how important it is to be assured of an investment's quality before the deal is done. That's why we offer INVESTIGATIVE HOME INSPECTIONS  that address a homebuyer's foremost concerns: a prospective home's safe and sound condition, and the home buyer's piece of mind.


We're proud to offer professional home inspections to homebuyers and sellers in Buckingham County, Albemarle County, and most surrounding areas.

Stephen Smith is the owner and inspector of VA Inspect , LLC. As an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) , Stephen has earned one of the highest accreditations available , proof of his commitment to providing exceptional service to homebuyers and sellers in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. Stephen goes above and beyond to give his clients peace of mind by identifying and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of any home , taking his time to ensure a very thorough inspection. With Stephen's help, you'll have the knowledge to recognize whether the home as it's being presented is in fact the same home that you'd be walking into.


Feel free to text this number as well and Stephen will answer promptly .