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Donald C. Veeder
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Working to Make your Home "A Provident Home"

Provident Home Inspection LLC Provides:

  • Quick Response Scheduling and Pricing
  • Thorough and Complete Home Inspection
  • Architectural Background
  • Home Structural Design Background
  • Home Construction Experience
  •  Next Day Inspection Reports
  • Walk-Through Consulting
  • Annual Home Maintenance Consulting
  • Building Code Compliance Experience


Home Inspection

A Home inspection is a visual examination of a Home. It provides information in report form regarding the systems and components of the home that can be seen

Radon in the home is a serious concern. It is actually radioactive elements in the air that can be inhaled into the lungs. It does not have a smell or color. There is no way to know if it is in your home unless Radon Testing is performed.

Water Testing for Bacteria
Testing the Drinking Water of the Home for Coliform/E. Coli is an important step in the inspection process. ​​It is typically a recommendation to include this in your Home Inspection

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection
Wood Destroying Organisms, WDO, are a concern under certain conditions and environments. Homes built out of wood products can be compromised with insects that can cause quite a bit of damage.

Infrared Thermography

Walk-thru Consultation
"Walk-Through Consulting" helps the home buyer save time and money in the process of looking for a home in today’s real estate market.



​​*I had the pleasure of working closely with Don on multiple building projects throughout the years. His vast knowledge of the construction industry is a huge asset for everyone. I would never hesitate to recommend Don to business acquaintances, friends, or family in need of home or property inspections. Joel C., PE​​​

*Don did a very thorough home inspection. He really goes into great detail and explains things very good about issues with the house. He has lots of knowledge about home construction and the way things are supposed to be done properly. He provides a very detailed report and will definitely use again! Totally recommended! Bradley H

*Very thorough inspection. Excellent communication on issues/finds, goes beyond expectations when inspecting a house and gives a very detailed report which explains everything he checks. Will call again in the future for more inspections. Alex M.