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Jeff Wettlaufer
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Every home has a personality, the same as any buyer or seller, and the perfect home is defined by how it feels to the buyer/seller and how they connect with it. We believe that this connection is worth exploring potential flaws, defects and issues that might be overlooked or hidden. When we inspect, we don’t go into a home to tear it down, or to build it up. We evaluate the home, visually and objectively, to identify potential issues so they can be addressed by the buyer and seller. Those issues will be identified as either problems to be checked or simply maintenance to be performed. This gives the peace of mind to our clients that we are constantly striving for.

  Jeff was very professional and did a thorough inspection of the house. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable about repair or replacement cost
    Review by Karen B. In Vermillion, SD


Jeff was very professional and had a lot of knowledge he shared with us. He was awesome communicating with us about the house inspection. He was very thorough with the inspection. He was very friendly and explained things well. I would highly recommend him to others. He is a fantastic house inspector.

    Review by Danika B. in Sioux Falls, SD