Adams Home Inspection

Jeff Adams
San Antonio., Texas License Number 3813
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Adams Home inspection has been in existence since 1994 it is a small family run business with the consumer in mind, we provide affordable & comprehensive Home Inspections & Pest Control Services throughout South Central Texas

With over 30 years of Construction experience we have the knowledge and skills it takes to inform you of the defects that may exist in your home, or commercial building.

We provide in depth, comprehensive & informative inspections we don not do 45 minute inspections our inspection times range between 2-5 hours. We do not work for the builder or realtor, we work for you and as such will be very thorough in our inspection process.

There is no way to guaranty that all defects will be discovered nor is it achievable to expect it, however what we try to do is lesson your exposure to the liabilities in your home buying purchase. With our construction back ground, a very in depth inspection is provided to inform you of blatant, minor, major & potential defects & hazards.



Let our our background be your first line of defense in your inspection needs. You will be given thousands of dollars worth of info on defects and property maintenance.


Education is the key in a smart purchase, without the knowledge  of the property condition you cannot be wise in your purchase.


With the valuable information you obtain during the inspection process, you will have the ability to save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes in your property purchase and negotiations.

*Our office is located in San Antonio, we provide inspection services to about 150 miles of South Central Texas, to such places as Boerne, New Braunfels, Seguin, Floresville, Pleasanton, San Antonio, Laredo, Uvalde, Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs, Del Rio, Hondo, Utopia, Kerrville, Karnes City, Corpus & many other points in-between