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I-4 Detail Inspection Service, LLC. provides inspection services for buyers and sellers of residential property throughout Northeast Ohio. We primarily serve the counties of Summit, Stark, Medina, Geauga, Portage and Cuyahoga County. We also travel beyond the counties listed (within reason) when requested.

Dale Macko is the owner and has more than 27 years of personal experience in Home Repair, Maintenance and Remodeling. He is a Certified ASHI inspector and personally performs all inspections. His philosophy is simple: Always focus on Quality, not Quantity. He will not perform more than two inspections a day to make sure ample time is allocated to every client.

Dale also participates with other real estate professionals (agents, lenders, title and insurance reps) in new home buyer seminars. These are very informative sessions and especially important to people who have never experienced the home buying process.

It was good to meet you at (address), our new to be home. I want to thank you for your most complete Inspection Report. It was considerably more detailed ( a key word in your company’s title) than I would have expected. How come you don’t include a reading on the amount of TP paper left on each roll in the bathrooms?- Just kidding, but if I can guage you, you’ll probably start doing that too.
Again, thanks for showing us that there is a world out there where some people pay attention to details and sharpen their focus, for others. We had a great inspector.
Ted and Irene T.

Thank you very much for a very informative and thorough inspection and your patience in showing and explaining the different workings of the home. Your professionalism is very much appreciated, I can certainly see why Amanda chose/recommended using your service.
All the best.
Jack and Lisa