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Lynn Reber
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Southwest Inspections AZ is a Family owned business serving those interested in buying Arizona properties and commercial buildings and needing a qualified, honest evaluation of the condition of the building at the time of the inspection. We also do inspections for proactive sellers who are interested in getting the most for their home or building and being ahead of the buyer's instectionThe Owner/Inspector is Lynn Reber. As a native of Arizona he has seen the changes in the valley from desert and farm land to buildings. He has been in the Construction business for 30+ years as a sub contractor and has an understanding of the way buildings are built here in Arizona. Lynn is certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration and all Inspections exceed BTR standards (State adopted ASHI Standards) and is a member of NACHI. As a member of NACHI he is continually furthering his education and taking courses regarding inspections and building construction..