Division 6 Home Services, Inc.

Charles Melella
Yonkers, New York License Number NY- 16099989627 CT- HOI- 0001006
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Our Story

With over 10 years experience in repairing homes, as well as being a utility worker, with a daughter who loves to get her hands dirty, we have entered into the home inspection business. Keeping my family safe is a priority for me, and has led me to my duty of keeping other families safe. Forming a business based on safety, trust and family allows me to have pride in my work, and my daughter a legacy to continue.

Charles Melella

Founder & CEO

I am a licensed New York and Connecticut Home Inspector, certified by interNACHI. My work runs a broad range from commercial to residential properties. My top priority as a Home Inspector is providing excellent customer service, whether you are looking to buy or sell, I am here to assist you every step of the way. I will go over any mechanical parts with you and make sure you thoroughly understand your inspection. I am constantly working on adding certifications through interNACHI's continuing education program. Aside from that I am OSHA certified. The combination of OSHA and interNACHI allow me to use a wide variety of safety measures in your home, protecting you and your loved ones.

When I am not working on Home Inspections, energy delivering systems, or continuing education; I am spending time with my family, most importantly my daughter, Isabella, who hopes to run Division 6 Home Services one day.