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Jeffrey Thomas
710 Pine Grove Rd Hanover, Pennsylvania License Number 17050330
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 We treat our clients with Respect and give them the Quality service that they deserve. It is our pleasure to serve each and every customer. Our amazing clients give me the ability to make a difference in the work that we do.

We offer General Home and termite Inspections, Water Analysis and more. My Father was an independent contractor and inspired me to learn not only my trade but quality customer service as well. After years of learning most phases of construction, I decided to combine all of my education and Home Repair Maintenance skills experience and upgrade our family business .

Family owned and operated,We are fully Insured, General Liability + Error and Omission

Home Inspections are a very important part of knowing what is deficient in some protected areas of your home.
Protecting your home with the investment of a home inspection is your best defense against costly surprises later on. Knowing how to protect your investment and your Family with the information collected will give security peace of mind.                      There is a Standards of Practice and Ethics for home inspectors to follow.
This is to insure that all consumers receive the highest quality facts and truth about the evaluations of every home.
To omit or deceive any safety factors of any property is irresponsible and the home inspector can be held accountable.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors