Donivan Harvey
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Houston, Texas License Number 20964

Hi, my name is Donivan D Harvey, I am the owner of RSCH ONE Inspections. My company was started on several basic principals.

Customer service plays a very important role in my services, finding out what are my clients needs from there potential new home and how I can tailor my report to meet those needs is the first step in my services.

Being honest to the home I am inspecting and to my clients is part two, performing a great home inspection, for me this starts before I visit the property. I research the life of the home, this may also include looking over the sellers disclosure.

Educating my clients and realtors about the inspection process, how I may word my inspection report, why things may be considered deficient, why there are certain words I am unable to use in my report, this is the part I enjoy the most, because I get to see my clients eyes go from nervous to excitement, because I don't show them problems I explain solutions on what issues I may have found.

Last but not least the service I provide to my clients after the inspection is done, providing them with there report in a timely manner, informing them that no matter how long after my inspection is done or how many years they may have been in there home, always consider me there home inspector, and I am always available to be called on if they have any questions or concerns