Mid State Inspections Services LLC

Jeffrey D. Smith
18951 Iron Mine Rd Licking, Missouri License Number Spectic Lic. # 51027
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Ensure your home is safe from structural defects, electrical faults, plumbing issues and more.  I am a certified home inspector serving Springfield, MO, Licking, Houston, and the surrounding areas.  With 25 years of construction and remodeling experience, I am familiar with all damage and symptoms that appear both inside the home and outside, and what these problems may indicate.   

If you are preparing to buy a home, remodeling your current home or you suspect your building may be damaged, a comprehensive home inspection will give you a clear picture for moving forward.  There are many systems in your house that make it a home, and many situations that can affect them.  Age, weather, pests, vegetation, fire, and other factors can harm your home and cause damage that may be invisible to many.  I inspect structural, electrical, plumbing, drainage, heating and cooling, insulation, and many other systems to uncover the damage before it become a problem.